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Fibeon Esports: League of Legends Entrance

Today we are pleased to announce the Fibeon Esports League of Legends roster.  The roster was hand picked for success by our new LoL coach and analyst Matthew “sonicduck123” Smith.  Stay up to date on our Twitter to see when they are playing or streaming! Please join us in welcoming the full roster, listed below, to the Fibeon family!

Austin “Heroux4” James – Support – Team Captain
Roque “CrescentRider” Centeno – Top Lane
Gage “Gmaniscool” Reyes – Jungle
Vincent “IOnlyFeedJungle” Marque – Mid Lane
Isaac “ImLaz” Lazenby – ADC
Efrain “Ashendis” Torres – Substitute support
Carsten “LoliCorgi” Saunders – Substitute Mid Lane
Matthew “sonicduck123” Smith – Coach and Analyst