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Fibeon Esports: Letter to the public

I am compelled to file a statement on behalf of Fibeon to address inaccurate statements being published on social media. The intent of this statement is not to address the numerous personal attacks, but simply state the relevant facts.

Fibeon had contracts in place with the former Fibeon RL players as independent contractors for Fibeon.

The contracts contained standard provisions found in contracts with other organizations across RL. Contracts for the players under 18 were signed by parents. The contracts contain the obligations of both parties, the player and Fibeon.

The players breached their contracts by disclosing specific contract information and other confidential information about Fibeon to EG and other parties related directly to RLCS without the consent of Fibeon. The players admitted to speaking to EG prior to any contact EG had with Fibeon and also admitted to disclosing confidential information.

Upon learning of this issue, Fibeon gave the team members notice on October 13, 2017 that the concern was being investigated. Fibeon did not terminate the contracts until yesterday as it was not Fibeon’s desire to harm the players or distract them from the promotion tournament.

Prior to the breach, any monies owed to the players were paid in accordance with the terms of the contracts.

Fibeon did not continue to negotiate with EG after it discovered that EG had communicated with the players in bad faith.

The players were free to sign with EG or any other organization once the term of their contracts was complete on November 30, 2017. Players were informed of this fact on numerous occasions.

As stated yesterday, we wish the team members well in all future endeavors.

Ryan “Apple” Labriola