Technical Support Questions

Q: I received my computer however it won’t turn on.

A: We test all of our builds before we ship them to our customers. First, check to make sure the computer is plugged into the wall and the power supply. Second, make sure the power supply switch on the back is toggled to the on (1) position.

Q: I don’t have any audio when playing games or listening to music.

A: We test all of our builds before we ship them to our customers. First, check to make sure you are plugging the headphones/speakers into the correct output device. If you have a dedicated sound card you need to plug your audio device directly into that card, not the motherboard or case connectors. Also, make sure you are plugging the audio device into the correct color port, audio output is commonly designated as green or blue. If you are using a multi-channel speaker system such as 5.1 or 7.1, try using headphones to ensure the device is working correctly. If the headphones work but the multi-channel speaker system does not, please contact your manufacturer then our support if the issue is still not resolved.

Q: I don’t have any video when I turn on my computer.

A: We test all of our builds before we ship them to our customers. Please check to make sure you are plugging your monitor cables into the graphics card and not the motherboard. Your graphics card will be on the back of your case and only have video output connections. If the issue still persists please contact our support.

Q: I am having start up, stability, or performance issues.

A: We test all of our builds before we ship them to our customers, so a bad part is highly unlikely. However, it is possible that during shipping a part may have become dislodged or detached. Only if you know exactly what you are doing should you try and reseat all video cards, sound cards, memory, PCI card drives and make sure the 24-Pin motherboard power cable and 4-pin CPU power cable are attached securely in their respective socket on the motherboard. Please be careful when attempting repairs before contacting our support, as our suppliers may not cover the cost if you damage any parts.

Customer Support Questions

Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?

A: Currently, because of the size of our company we cannot keep all parts in stock. The usual time for your order to be initially processed (all the parts having been ordered) is one business day. After we receive your parts (2-5 days) we will begin assembly. Depending on the complexity of your build, assembly may take 3-7 business days (custom water cooled builds may take an additional 48 hours to ensure stability). The previous 3-7 business day estimate includes benchmarking and performance checks. Then we will ship the build out to you as soon as we can! However, please be aware, if a part arrives dead to us or we encounter any other issues with your order during assembly, testing, or quality assurance, we will withhold your order. We want to make sure every build is up to par and not rushed just to meet a given ship time. If your order is withheld, we will be sure to email you detailing the issue.

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: The warranty covers parts and labor for the computer itself. If your computer develops an issue that cannot be resolved over chat or email, we will accept the computer back to fix any issues with an additional charge for shipping both ways. You can view our entire warranty policy here. Please contact our support for any details on warranty.

Q: What do I receive with my Fibeon System?

A: You will receive all of the original manufacture hard copies, such as manuals and CDs. You will receive an authentic Microsoft Windows CD if you have ordered it with your computer purchase. Every system comes with the standard manufacturer warranty plan and full access to our technical support staff. All desktops will also receive a customized Fibeon system information packet, containing all benchmark tests completed by your computer.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Once you receive confirmation that your order has been processed by our staff you can not return, refund, nor cancel your order.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: We currently only charge sales tax to orders being shipped to any address in Pennsylvania. Shipments to all other states are not charged sales tax.

Is there a question you have that could not be answered here? Is your issue still not resolved? Contact our support team using the widget in the bottom right or email us at [email protected].